About Graphicstar Imaging Corporation

GRAPHICSTAR is among the first in the country and the only one in the Visayas and Mindanao, Philippines to offer state of the art services for all your graphic advertising and printing needs. From a single, brilliant idea of two creative minds, light and shade gave birth to an astounding colorful masterpiece


We will be the country's leading business partner in Total Graphics Solutions recognized globally.


  • To be the fastest growing company through product development and innovation.
  • To provide excellent customer experience through efficient internal business processes.
  • To strongly support the development and recognition of human resources as a foundation of a strong business.

Beginnings of Many ...Onwards

The venture began in 1996 with two enterprising individuals who had screen printing in mind as its jumpstart business. However, in the process of refining its possibilities, they ended up with computer-aided sticker cutting as its maiden venture. Though the latest computer software then was employed, they had but a few computers and machines to do the intricate work. From these developed an even larger format of printing. Simultaneously, the company was in the process of honing its people's skills in screen printing to become the perfection it boasts today.

As months passed, the company was able to add more computers to a total of 22 which further helped design and produce even more accurate, more precise results enough to please the keenest eye for detail. Even early on, Graphicstar has already able to draw the attention of large multinational companies among the satisfied clients in its roster.

Meanwhile, a bandwagon of printing businesses was sprouting in the community around. In spite of this, Graphicstar's constantly updated technology and innovation was even then too dynamic to beat. This dynamism has become the company's greatest strength. Business was excellent and there was no stopping the surge of ideas that kept springing from the imaginative minds behind the company. Many more ventures, ideas and services have been offered and even to this day, more graphic service ideas are still being brewed.